My Space at Pick Me Up 2014

My Space at Pick Me Up

Hi All, I have been really busy since Pick Me Up, so, although a little late here in posting these, some of my pics. . . . .

Bookbinding Table at Pick Me Up 2014

So much fun stab binding my notebooks at this table – and only one person got stabbed but we both had plasters!!!

Bookbinding Pick Me Up 2014Hand Stitched Notebooks Catherine McGinniss

Busy busy. At Pick Me Up people could choose one of my screenprinted notebook designs, customise it with coloured thread and choose and print a name plate (name plate printed with SORT).
I met some really great people whilst binding notebooks and shared with them my binding tricks and tips. I think it seemed daunting to some at first but if a five year old called “Harri with an i” can do a great job….well I need say no more. So a big thank you to those brave enough to give it a go and thanks for the amazing feedback. If you missed out on a notebook you can buy one from my Etsy shop

A peep at some of the nice peeps at PMU 2014

Comms Bureau PMUComms Bureau Light Box
The Comms Bureau where there was crazy music and things to buy vinyl record shop style. Also very nice beard wearers.

The Illustrated Games HutAlice Devine The Illustrated Games

Alice Devine from The Illustrated Game, cutting stuff….Oh, and I like the tiny subbuteo flag on top if the hut. Really great people to have as neighbours at PMU.


This is Letterproeftuin. Great design on a small scale.

We Are Unlimitedcodswallop illustration Sarah Glover

Brighton based shop and design studio Unlimited and Sarah Glover an illustrator from Codswallop in Leicester. Plus loads more who I have not mentioned such as Paul Blows, Andy Martin and the Staff at Somerset House and awsomme things like Melvin Galapon’s Grid Forms.